One Week to Go

Whilst winding down this sunny Friday evening (the red wine is a-breathin’) I’ve made the mistake of visiting the Big Chill website to catch up with the latest news on the festival and line-up before next week.
Big mistake as I’m now all excited at the prospect of seeing a whole slew of cool bands.

The site is now sporting a list of the full line-up and detailed notes on each band. One of the things I love most about this festival is the wide range of music on offer.
And you can’t ask for better surroundings either, they seem to have a knack of choosing excellent venues. This will be my third Big Chill: the first was at Lulworth castle — the castle was the centre piece of the entire festival and was lit-up, to great effect, in the evening. The second was the “Enchanted Garden” at Larmer Tree Gardens. We spent most of our time at the Sanctuary stage which was an amazing setting, as you can see. What other festival has peacocks roaming wild through the crowds?
This years festival — which I believe will be slightly larger than previous ones — is at Eastnor Castle. A mate of mine who went there last year reckons its a cracking site. Can’t wait.
Who am I looking forward to seeing? The Cinematic Orchestra, Quantic, Mr Scruff, Howie B, Lol Hammond, Another Fine Day and Bent (who sound like they’re arranging something quite bizarre) immediately jump out of the line-up. I was pleased to see that John Peel is going to be there as well; another treat to look forward to. I’m also keen to see both Nitin Sawhney and Talvin Singh.
This years festival is taking place right after a major project deadline. Things are cooling off a bit in work now, and I’m looking forward to kicking back and getting properly chilled out next week. I think I deserve it 🙂

One thought on “One Week to Go

  1. Remember me? Not only did I meet you by (happy) accident at this year’s Big Chill, but prior to that, we were both supporting actors in a play that ran in Leicester in the early nineties. Let me know if you want to know more about the how the plot developed.
    All the best to the family!

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