Translating the FOAF-a-Matic

As I mentioned recently I’d like to get the FOAF-a-Matic translated into other languages. The aim is to make the creation of FOAF files as easy as possible for as many people as possible.
While the app doesn’t support all of the various properties that can be added to a FOAF document, I think it does hit the 80/20 point: capturing personal info and basic relationships (foaf:knows).
I’ve therefore taken the current version of the application and pulled out the boiler plate text, field names, etc and created this document. It should be fairly self-explanatory. Most of it corresponds to chunks of text that need translating. I’ve then got some XSLT stylesheets and a simple Ant buildfile that takes this document and recreates the application.
So…I’m looking for volunteers willing to download en.xml, translate it into another language, and return it to me so I can release a new version of the application that supports multiple languages.
(I’ll invoke the LazyWeb at this point to get this call for volunteers circulated as far as possible).
Thanks in advance. Any questions drop me an email.
Update: Two volunteers already. Leandro Mariano Lopez is doing a Spanish translation (now live), and Masahide Kanzaki is submitting a Japanese translation (now live). Excellent.
Update 2: Manos Batsis is working on a Greek translation. (now live)
Update 3: Francois Granger just signed up for the French translation (now live).
Update 4: Christof Hoeke has signed up to do a German translation (now live).
Update 5: Erik Stattin has offered a Swedish translation (now live), and Morten Frederikson is busy with the Danish version (now live).
Update 6: If you have your language preferences set correctly in
your browser, you should be able to visit and the correct version should be delivered directly. The miracle of content negotiation.
You can’t tell but I’ve got a big grin on my face. I’m really pleased that people were interested enough to do these translations so quickly. If I was American I’d probably say that I’m “stoked” but I’m not, so I’ll stick to “chuffed to bits” instead. Thank you all.

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  1. FOAF-Bork-Bork-Bork

    Wow, Leigh’s managed to get translators for his FOAF-a-Matic into Japanese, Spanish, Greek, French, German, Swedish and Danish. (If only…

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