Semantic Blogging: A Day Out

Yesterday was one of those rare occasions when I get to unshackle myself from my desk here at Ingenta and get out into the Real World and meet Real People.

Yesterday’s trip was to HP Labs in Bristol where I got the opportunity to meet with Steve Cayzer and Paul Shabajee about the Semantic Blogging and Bibliographies project they’re involved with. It was a very stimulating meeting with lots of ideas being thrown around. It was one of those nice occasions where my personal research interests coincide perfectly with those of Ingenta’s. Their paper has a lot of great references which I’ll be digging into over the next few weeks. Agora in particular caught my eye
I also got chance to meet with Andy Seaborne who was hard at work reviewing Shelley’s book and testing Jena 2.
The idea of Semantic Blogging, and particularly infrastructure to support it has come up elsewhere recently: Danny Ayers has decided to have a crack at writing JemBlog (Jena Semantic Weblog Server). I’ve promised Danny that I’ll submit by FOAF Java classes to the project once I’ve finished factoring them out from the core of FOAF-a-Matic Mark 2, which is undergoing a major package reorganisation at the moment. (Yes, I’m still working on it!)
Looks like I’ll also have to do some work on the original FOAF-a-Matic soon as we have an open issue about the handling of first and last names in FOAF. I’ve committed to fixing the tool and providing migration scripts for early adopters once a resolution has been decided.

One thought on “Semantic Blogging: A Day Out

  1. Hi Leigh,
    No rush with them there classes – I’m running late with the rest of the JemBlog stuff (because I was behind with some Ideagraph bits…)
    btw, I found this entry thanks – very handy, it mails you new entries in Google results for particular queries, in this case “semantic blogging”
    (funny though, I could have sworn I had your blog in Amphetadesk)

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