eclectic, wordtin, and this blog

Here’s the relationship between the three websites I’m maintaining at the moment.

  • eclectic — freshly invigorated for the new year, this is where I blog discussion on XML-DEV and, when there’s a slow day or something catches my eye, happenings elsewhere in XML-land
  • .

  • wordtin — my online notebook. Just for me to jot down notes, ideas, etc. in fairly rough form. Reasons for name described here.
  • Lost Boy — this blog. A more personal blog which is highly likely to contain lots of geekery, but is also somewhere to put random links, rants, opinion pieces, etc. Depends on how much time I get really. Name derived from the nickname awarded me by friends for the out-of-focus “lost boy” expression I acquire after one too many ales, and the jittery nature of my attention span.

2 thoughts on “eclectic, wordtin, and this blog

  1. And just in case you hit this entry after searching for “Lost Boy” in this ‘blog. It has nothing to do with the book by Dave Pelzer.

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