Twinkle 2.0

Nearly three years ago now I announced a little GUI tool , called Twinkle for working with SPARQL queries. Since then a number of nice people have asked whether I’m going to update the tool to add various features, like support for querying persistent data, inferencing, etc. And Danny pointed out that the UI wasn’t exactly twinkly; and he was right it was crap.
Anyway, I’ve finally gotten around to releasing a new version, Twinkle 2.0, which has all the features that everyone has asked for, and I’ve even tried to accommodate Danny and make the user interface a bit nicer. The project page lists the features which I think are reasonably comprehensive.
The tool isn’t going to languish for another three years as its going to become part of our toolset at work. So, I’ve got a growing list of further improvements I’d like to make to it, including adding SPARQL update support, I18N of the user interface, and some performance improvements. If you have a feature you’d like to see then drop me a mail.
So, happy christmas to all you nice Semantic Web folk, this is an Xmas present from me to you.