Slug: Alpha-2

A while ago I released a simple Scutter called Slug.
Prompted by the fact that a couple of people have actually found it useful, and a need for an improved and more configurable scutter for one of my own projects, I’ve packaged up a new release of the code.
There’s more documentation, although still a lot of TODOs, and I’ve fixed a few bugs along the way as well as implementing new functionality such as pluggable content processing and task filtering. This means that different “profiles” of the Scutter can be easily created by reconfiguring the provided components.
For example its now possible to create a scutter that builds local caches of portions of the semantic web, e.g. to back a SPARQL interface. Feeding data into persistent storage is also pluggable. One interesting prospect is a Scutter that stores none of the data it finds, this kind of “mapping scutter” just stores the relationships it finds in its memory thereby creating a map of the area of the semweb its crawled. See the sample configuration for examples.
See the project website for more details. Use at your own risk, its still pretty slimy!
But if you do use it, let me know, as it’ll encourage me to invest more effort into it!