I’ve been enjoying a bit of SPARQLing recently and you can now begin to see some of the results: has published the first part of my SPARQL tutorial. The tutorial is backed with a SPARQL query service that I whipped up using Jena. As the documentation explains there are several output options supported by the service including JSON and a quick Javascript hack, so incorporating SPARQL results into your applications (or blog!) has never been easier. The AJAX client is coming along nicely too, although I need to test in Opera and write up some proper examples.
The SPARQL service is part of a wider project to expose a number of markup and Semantic Web tools to the web for people to play with. Implemented, but not yet documented, are some basic RDF graph algebra and a rules engine; basically putting bits of Jena functionality on the web.
I’ve also started implementing an RDF data storage system. Again this involves wrapping up Jena functionality as a web service. Eventually you’ll be able to sign-up and create some triple stores and interact with them using a RESTful API, plus SPARQL queries. In addition I’ve constructed a little language, kind of a Scutterplan++ that describes not only the sources of your store, but some processing to do on it after the data is collected. For example smush it then apply some inferencing. More on that when things are a bit less vapoury.
There’s the obligatory project blog so you can follow along there if you’re interested.