XTech Plans

I’m flying out to Amsterdam tomorrow for XTech. Like last year I’m staying in the Quentin England near Leidesplein, and have extended my trip to include a long weekend afterwards. So it’ll be a nice mix of geekiness followed by some fun, food and drinks with the missus and a whole posse of friends who are converging on Amsterdam this weekend. Should be fun!
As I’m giving my presentation on Wednesday afternoon, I should be able to relax for the rest of the week. Am hoping to catch up with the usual suspects, and hopefully meet face to face with a few more folk for the first time.
XTech has an excellent line-up this year. Edd and the team have done an really good job. I’m going to find it hard to narrow down my options. I suspect I’ll be spending quite a lot of my time in the Open Data track, which interests me in particular.
I see there’s a big BBC presence at this conference too. They seem to have been really pulling out the stops lately. Wonder when the rest of the world will catch on to the fact that their charter has been extended to include World Domination?
As there will be wireless access at the conference I hope to blog a number of sessions and upload some photos to flickr as well. Planet XTech is the place to watch the coverage appear.
See you all there!