Where Should XML Go?

Liam Quin has been thinking about XML 2.0 and has posted an article to Advogato titled “Where Should XML Go?“.
Quin is obviously trying to reach a wider community than just the hardcode XML users, noting in his diary that: Where would you go (or post) to ask people why they’re not using XML? There are lots of good reasons not to use XML, and lots of good reasons to use it, so I’m particularly interested in people who would like to go with XML but who feel they can’t.
Advogato seems like a good starting place to me. Of course there’s an XML-DEV thread starting on the topic already, so the usual suspects will be weighing in very shortly.
I’m not sure what my most requested improvement to the core specification(s) would be. When asked about this before I’ve often responded that I’d be happy to see the work on packaging resume. Especially as there’s work continuing in the area that could be standardised, such as the Open Office format and Rick Jelliffe’s DZIP2.
I loved Jelliffe’s From Wiki to XML via SGML article demonstrating how to use SGML SHORTREFs to parse Wiki markup as SGML interesting, and thats made me wonder whether that might be an SGML feature worth unearthing. Not likely to be a popular suggestion though! And of course one can simply use an SGML parser when one needs the extra power.
But the syntax could certainly be friendlier, and I wonder whether that might address some users dislike of XML, the format; the can still use XML tools to process their config files, Wiki markup, CSV documents, etc.