Weblog Wipeout

There’s a piece in the Register yesterday about Dave Winer shutting down a number of weblogs. I discovered that eclectic — the XML-DEV weblog which I ran for a number of years — was one of them. This is no big problem for me as the site has been dormant for a while. It’s just a shame that the archives are no longer online.
Having expected something like this to happen for a while (Winer doesn’t like me) I took a backup of the Manila “root” file which contains all the data. It’s available from here.
Anyone have any ideas about how I can turn this back into static web pages? Can I use Radio Userland or something to retrieve the data?
According to my webserver logs a few people have downloaded that file (it was linked from the electic home page) so I’m hoping that someone may have already tried this.