XForms Freebie

First Eric van der Vlist makes his RELAX NG book freely available, and now Micah Dubinko has done the same with XForms Essentials. (found via Cafe con Leche). Excellent. Is this a new trend for O’Reilly I wonder?
I’ve been specifying a number of XML APIs (RESTful of course) recently and it’d be nice to front those as easily as possible. I’ve played with various Java toolkits that render UIs from XML descriptions already (e.g. Thinlets) it’s high time I took a closer look at XForms, especially if I can generate both a browser and desktop based UI. (Anyone used Xybrix?).
Micah has previously suggested that it’d be relatively easy to create the FOAF-a-Matic using XForms. That might make an interesting test bed.
Anyway definitely more Xmas reading for yours truly.