John Peel and Orson Welles

Slightly random posting this one.
I was listening to the excellent John Peel last week, enjoying his usual eclectic mix of tunes, when he chose to play a 7inch recording of Orson Welles in a studio recording a voice-over for peas. Now I’m sure everyone else has already heard it but it was the first time for me, and I thought it was absolutely fantastic. Basically Welles slowly loses it over the poor quality of the script and the direction; it ends up with him walking out of the studio.
Due to the magic of the internet, and the clueful Radio 1 website you too can listen to the recording. Either here where its available as a Macromedia file (WinAmp handles it just fine, although its a bit glitchy in places) or you can listen to it “in situ” as part of the entire John Peel broadcast. The latter is recommended if you have time as
you can also hear Peel’s take on the difficulties in doing voice-overs and he’s done a few himself!
If you don’t have a soundcard handy, then try reading the transcript here.
I’m deeply pleased that I was able to find it online as the chances of coming across said 7inch record is practically nil. Ladies and gentleman, this is what the internet is all about.