Judging Books by Their Covers

Geoff has written up a nice article about what he’s dubbed Early Social Bookmarking: cues he used to help him choose/select books from his school library.
I used to use a cue to help me find books too. But in my case there wasn’t a social element it was a simple visual cue. The technique was simple, and went like this: I would walk to the middle of the small portakabin that served as the local library in Dawley, and then slowly turn around and look at all the shelves from a distance. What I was looking for was books with yellow jackets.
Victor Gollancz published a lot of excellent novels including (and most importantly to me then), a lot of science fiction. All of their books had trademark yellow dust covers and so they easily stood out from others on the shelves.
Having found some candidate yellow books I simply strode across the room to take a closer look. Rinse and repeat.
So yes, I really did judge books by their covers. And very well it worked too.

Blackberries from the Garden

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Blackberries from the Garden

Blackberries from the Garden,
originally uploaded by ldodds.

Last year it was a bumper crop of raspberries. We had some, but not many blackberries. This year the raspberries didn’t do as well (although we still had heaps), but the blackberries have really done well. Over 2 kilos we’ve had out of the patch so far, and there are still more ripening. Must be all this sun.

Quite pleased. Although it doesn’t require much gardening skill!