IngentaConnect RSS Feeds

It’s with some pleasure that I’m able to announce a little Xmas present from the technology team at Ingenta to the academic and RDF communities: another batch of RSS feeds from IngentaConnect.
To be precise: in excess of 20,000 new RSS feeds containing the latest table of contents data for the academic journals that are still being actively loaded into our databases. Like our friends at Nature, our feeds are available as RSS 1.0, with Dublin Core and Prism metadata at the item level.
Read on for the technical details, including a seasonal(?!) “Easter Egg”.

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FOAF-a-Matic now available in Dutch and Chinese

I’m pleased to announce that the FOAF-a-Matic is now available in two additional languages: Traditional Chinese and Dutch. (Those are the direct links, content negotation will be used to give you a suitable version automatically if you use the usual link).
I actually got sent two Chinese translations so I should thank both Ilya Eric Lee and Chientai Chen. Ilya’s was the first I received so I opted for a “first-come-first-published” policy and thats the translation that is currently live.
I’d also like to thank Ben Dunselman for contributing the Dutch translation.
(I should also apologise to all three for the length of time it’s taken for me to get these live.)
So that brings the grand total up to 12 languages. Excellent. In case anyone is taking requests I’d really like to see Russian and Arabic translations.

Slug: A Simple Semantic Web Crawler

Back in March I was tinkering with writing a Scutter. I’d never written a web crawler before, so was itching to give it a go as a side project. I decided to call it Slug because I was pretty sure it’d end up being a slow and probably icky; crafting a decent web crawler is an art in itself.

I got as far as putting together a basic framework that did the essential stuff: reading a scutter plan, fetching the documents using multi-threaded workers, etc. But I ended up getting sucked into a work project that ate up all my time so didn’t get much further with it.

Anyway, because the world is obviously sorely in need of another half-finished Scutter implementation, I’ve spent a few hours this evening tidying up some of the code so that it’s suitable for sharing.

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