Link Droppers

I’m interested in building a list of “Link Dropper” sites and would welcome
suggestions if you have any.
What do I mean by a Link Dropper? Basically a site that will drop some data into your existing webpage using a scripting language, e.g. Javascript or PHP.
My canonical example is the Meerkat Javascript Source flavour which drops RSS news feeds into your webapage. This was the first example of this kind of integration that I’d seen at the time. If you know of an earlier example then let me know.
Other examples of Link Droppers include (list of blogs) and All Consuming (lists of books).
I’m interested partly because I’d like to see what kind of “annotations” I can add to this blog, but also because I’m interested in seeing what people are doing with this kind of loose integration.

User-Centred Linking

There’s usually more than one way to get something on the net. There are dozens of online bookstores, search engines, new sites, document repositories, etc, etc. And we all have different preferences. Even for sites like Google and Amazon there is room for choice, e.g. different Google mirrors or regional Amazon sites.
Yet when we construct links we are always linking to a single one of those resources. In some cases that is because of an explicit recommendation. We know that one site is cheaper, has better information/context, etc. In others its simply because that’s the first place we looked at in order to be able to link a reader to the resource we’re talking about.
But why not give the user more choice, and let them decide the destination?

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