Monthly Archives: November 2004

The Library of Unwritten Books

I just saw a piece about The Library of Unwritten Books in the Book Show on BBC 4. Couldn’t resist digging up more information.
This BBC News story “The art of not writing books” is a good introduction, with some more details here.
Such a cool idea. Hope the books get collected into a published anthology as I doubt I’ll make it to any of the events. Or would having them be published defeat the idea?
Love the book boxes too.

Google Scholar

You can’t go far these days without tripping over commentary on Google’s strategy. I’ve not really paid this much attention, but it’s been interesting watching the launch of Google Scholar and reactions from the library communities because it directly intersects with my day job: managing the team that has built and is enhancing IngentaConnect my employers new scholarly content aggregation.
I thought it might be interesting to share some perspectives on working with Google and a couple of notes on Google Scholar itself.

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