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Bryce Benton just posted to rdfweb-dev pointing out the arrival of XFN (XHTML Friends Network) and in particular a document from CSS-guru Eric Meyer constrasting XFN and FOAF. Thought I’d post a few thoughts and (hopefully) constructive comments.

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RDF Syntax: Profiling and Styling

Dorothea recently wrote a rant about the RDF syntax in which she rails against the suggestion from some RDF advocates that the syntax is unimportant: it’s the model that counts.
Dorothea notes that: …only a few people actually create models

Nice Big Graphs

My first interesting find via Minding the Planet which I added to my aggregator today courtesy of Dave Beckett is The Opte Project, “mapping the internet in a single day”. No doubt everyone and their uncle have already seen this, but it’s new to me.

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My Light Cone

I just noticed on Interconnected that Matt Web has created a little utility to generate your own personal light cone as an RSS feed.

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FOAF-a-Matic in Korean; Fun With Statistics

Thanks to the kind efforts of Minsu Jang the FOAF-a-Matic is now available in Korean. I’m really pleased.
With the tool now available in ten languages I thought it might be fun to estimate what the potential user base might now be.

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Enchanted Wood 2003

Westonbirt Arboretum is rapidly becoming one of my favourite places for a family outing. I love walking in a wood and with the diverse range of tree in their collection there is plenty to appreciate throughout the year.
Around Xmas time every year they rope off a section of the Old Arboretum to make a one mile long illuminated trail — The Enchanted Wood.

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I suddenly realised I’ve not really posted any pictures of Martha. So here’s one to be going on with.
Martha Dodds

Pining For University

Every year come October I get this overwhelming urge to go back into education again. I loved being at university as both an undergraduate studying Biology and as a postgraduate studying Computing, and freely admit to pining for the mental stimulation that full-time education brings. And yes, the lazy mornings and impromptu mid-week drinking sessions, but that’s another story…
So, come October I always wonder what I might have done if I’d continued on with my education. I’m still adamant that one day I’ll take a crack at a Ph.D; perhaps when the kids are older and I can get them cleaning chimneys to bring in a few more shiny pennies.

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Unit Testing PL/SQL

For my sins I’ve been writing a bit of PL/SQL recently. It’s been nearly 4 years since I had to do that in anger and predictably I’ve forgotten way more than I remember. At the time I was responsible for redesigning the database for a Laboratory Information Management System used by researchers at Pfizer looking for new drugs. After redesigning the data model I had to write code to port from one to the other. That was a lot of code, and required a lot of testing. Fun project though, and an interesting application.
Of course now I know all about test driven development and the first thing that occured to me was: “how do I test this stuff?”.

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Connect The Dots

Let’s see…

What’s the connection between all these things?

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